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General Physician

General Physicians

General physicians possess a unique and vital role in the medical field. They specialize in addressing a wide array of adult health concerns, in contrast to specialists who focus on specific body systems or organs. General physicians serve as our initial point of contact when we experience discomfort or pain, playing a critical role in the healthcare system. They evaluate our condition and only refer us to specialists when necessary.

General physicians have a comprehensive understanding of the human body, covering all its parts and functions. Their training is rigorous and encompasses a broader range of medical knowledge compared to specialists. What sets them apart is their capacity for holistic, logical thinking, which allows them to excel in the field of medical science. They possess a broad scope of expertise, offering multiple solutions even for the most complex health issues patients may face.

However, one area where they differ from specialists is surgery. General physicians excel in diagnosing and treating non-surgical conditions, and when surgery is required, they refer patients to specialists.

The following points outline the roles and responsibilities that define the scope of a general physician's work:
  • Accurate Diagnosis: General physicians are adept at diagnosing both simple and complex ailments. They approach diagnoses methodically and safely.
  • State-of-the-Art Treatment: Once a diagnosis is made, they can provide treatment for a wide range of diseases using the latest therapies. They stay informed about advancements in medical science and continuously update their knowledge to address evolving health trends.

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Support in Surgical Cases: While general physicians don't perform surgeries themselves, they play a crucial role in surgical procedures. They assess patients before surgery, providing surgeons with vital information about potential risk factors. Additionally, they assist patients in post-operative care and help manage any complications that may arise during the recovery period.

Common Ailments: General physicians are skilled in diagnosing and treating common health issues such as the common cold, cough, tonsillitis, fever, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, pneumonia, and lung fibrosis. Their broad expertise enables them to identify and address various medical conditions.

Nursing Services

Nursing Services

Our nurses possess expertise in delivering a comprehensive array of specialized home care nursing services, which include

  • Skilful insertion and management of Ryles Tubes for feeding purposes.
  • Proficient administration of intravenous medications and management of IV fluids
  • Timely and accurate dispensing of medications
  • Development of tailored diet plans
  • Attentive wound care and dressing
  • Continuous monitoring of vital signs
  • Effective nebulization treatments
  • Proper handling of catheter bag emptying
  • Competent management of colostomy bags and bedpans

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Health counselling

Health counselling

If you're currently grappling with distress that's impacting your daily life, considering mental health counselling could be a valuable step. Counselling has the potential to guide you through challenging and uncertain phases, aiding you in navigating these difficult times. Moreover, it holds the capacity to enhance your connections with those nearest to you. While self-care strategies can alleviate minor concerns, severe symptoms persisting for more than two weeks might necessitate professional intervention.

Remarkably, counselling has become more accessible than ever before, thanks to the Internet and a plethora of resources. Support is readily available across various avenues, including your workplace, educational institution, healthcare provider's office, community centre, and online platforms. To arrange a home visit or an online video consultation, simply schedule an appointment with our team.

Dieting consultation

Dietitians are qualified health professionals who assess, diagnose, and address dietary and nutritional issues in individuals. Armed with the latest information and scientific research pertaining to food, they tackle diseases and promote well-being by offering guidance for crucial lifestyle and dietary decisions. Their expertise extends to both those in good health and those grappling with ailments. Essentially, a dietitian is an authority in the realm of food and nutrition, and their invaluable insights find application across diverse sectors such as education, research, media, the food industry, sports, healthcare, and both Government and Non-Governmental organizations.

Arguably, the most impactful role of a dietitian lies within the healthcare sector, where they function as integral team members in the management of intricate and critical clinical conditions like diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, malnutrition, food allergies, fatigue, kidney disorders, and bowel complications. They provide recommendations for food preparation and eating schedules tailored to such individuals, thereby facilitating their recuperation process and treatment journey.

Beyond this, dietitians, armed with their comprehensive understanding of nutritional science, offer counsel and education to patients and clients on enhancing their health and addressing various diseases and conditions. For consulting a dietician for yourself or for your loved ones, book an appointment with us.

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