Convalescence Healthypath Pvt. Ltd. provides online and doorstep medical services that caters to needs of the patients at home. We are passionately serving the patients who are helpless due to mobility issues or lack of helping hands around them. Our core values drive us to passionately serve patients with empathy, love, and personal care. We believe in one earth, one family, and one future.

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Our online and doorstep services include:

General Physician

Our general physicians are skilled in diagnosing and treating common health issues such as the common cold, cough, tonsillitis, fever, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, pneumonia, and lung fibrosis. For contacting us, book an appointment.


We provide Sports, Neuro, Gynae, Cardio, Paediatric, and Geriatric physiotherapy services. We have experienced and well qualified physiotherapists in our panel of doctors. For contacting us, book an appointment.

Nursing Services

Our nurses possess expertise in delivering a comprehensive array of specialized home care nursing services. For contacting us, book an appointment.

Health Counselling

If you're currently grappling with distress that's impacting your daily life, considering mental health counselling could be a valuable step. Counselling has the potential to guide you through challenging and uncertain phases, aiding you in navigating these difficult times.

Dieting Consultation

Our dietitians are qualified health professionals who assess, diagnose, and address dietary and nutritional issues in individuals. Armed with the latest information and scientific research pertaining to food, they tackle diseases and promote well-being by offering guidance for crucial lifestyle and dietary decisions.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to provide a seamless online and doorstep health service that caters to patients in need. We are perceiving to be no. 1 health service portal in India.

Mission statement

We have 30 years of professional experience in the corporate industry. We have both personal and professional experience in dealing with doorstep health service for patients in serious need. We understand the empathy and kindness needed to deal with the elderly parents or other patients at home and thus we think we are the best people to serve humanity that needs home based health service.

Our team consist of experienced general physicians and physiotherapists from niche institutes. We also have people on board of directors who are alumni of MET, Mumbai and IIM, Lucknow.

We also have professional team of nurses who can be very handy for elderly patients who need doorstep health service in need.

“God will help the person who cares about other people’s needs, both in this world and the hereafter.”
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Our Team

Dr. Shazli Mehdi (PT)

Founder and Director

Dr. Shazli Mehdi is the director and co-founder of Convalescence Healthypath Pvt. Ltd. She carries a master’s degree in Physiotherapy (Neurology). She is an experienced physiotherapist and carries 11 years of experience in the medical industry. She has worked with Dr. Asad Abbas (An internationally acclaimed and renowned neuro physician of Lucknow). She has also worked with Dr. Gunwant Oswal (An internationally acclaimed G-therapist and renowned doctor of Pune). She has also worked with the famous Wellness Polyclinic, Pune.

Dr. Ajay Bhalerao (BHMS, PGDEMS)

Senior Consultant Doctor - Family Physician and Surgeon

Dr. Ajay Bhalerao is an extremely professional and experienced general physician. He goes perfectly well with our company name, that says 'Convalescence' - one which possesses cure.